2 Days Murchison Falls NP

New 2 Day Mini-Safari to Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park offers one of the best all around Safari Experiences in Uganda. The Park has steadily recovered from the bad old years of the 1960s. - From fishing the Nile for the huge Nile Perch to the viewing of elephants, giraffe, baboons, hippos, buffaloes, antelopes of various kinds, lions, warthogs, hyenas, leopards, hundreds of species of birds, including migratory ones, storks of various kinds such as the elusive shoebill stork, reptiles, butterflies and a savannah that is beautiful, forests that just make you want to take a hike, and then there are the falls, absolutely fantastic. If you have only two days to spare, Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda is the place for you to go and experience your African Safari. Two days in the African Wilderness.
Murchison Falls National Park - Two (2) Day Short Wildlife Safari Tour, Uganda
Sir Samuel Baker named the Falls after Sir Roderick Murchison, president of the Royal Geographical Society. The falls lend their name to the surrounding Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls, also known as “Kabarega Falls” a name that was given to us by former Uganda president Idi Amin during his regime of the 1970s. In 1979 the name reverted to Murchison Falls following his downfall. It is still sometimes referred to as Kabarega Falls.

Day 1: Kampala to Murchison Falls Wildlife Park Drive, top of the Falls & Boat Safari:
2 day short safari to Murchison Falls - departing Kampala, Uganda
The morning starts early as we begin our 2 day Uganda Safari. We begin our journey driving northward to Murchison Falls National Park through Masindi. Before Masindi there is the option of adding on the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a large preserve where Rhinos are bred in an effort to restock Murchison Falls National Park with Rhinos (the last one was shot in 1982). That’s just to aid you give it a thought - but it’s not something to consider in this 2 day programme as it may lead us miss out on other scheduled park activities.
As we enter the park we go the top of the falls that make Murchison Falls National Park so famous. This is a place for most memorable pictures and a taking in of the sounds and sights, including the a rainbow that does not disappear - created by the mist of the falls. The top of the Falls is spectacular, being so close to the FALLS and hearing the roar and seeing the splendor from the top is such a wonderful experience.

2 day Mini-Safari to Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls is “A sneak peek into Heaven”, you realise “the anger of the Nile”. Its is a true master piece of nature. In a small space a million cubic meters of water from the Nile squeeze themselves through the Albertine gorge as they make their way towards Egypt.The river is 50 meters wide and goes through a 7 meter wide gorge plunging down 45 meters creating that roaring sound that will stay with you. Something you will never forget and there is something about standing alongside the mighty River Nile.
We then drive to the lodge and check in at the Murchison river lodge.

boat cruise at murchion falls national park - Two (2) Day Short Wildlife Safari Tour in Uganda
After lunch it is off to one of the major highlights of Murchison Falls National Park, motorized boat ride on the Nile River to the most powerful falls in the world, viewing crocodiles, the many hippos along the bank and in the river, the birds, monkeys, buffaloes, elephants and so much more and of course the bottom of the falls. It is one of the best wildlife experiences in Uganda. You can also choose to do the hike from the water's edge up to the top of the falls if you missed it at the time of arrival into the park. the hike costs a few dollars and It is well worth doing. Depending on the time you return from the boat cruise and how strong you are feeling, you can do a short (1 or 1½ hrs) game drive, - no game game drive is the same in nature, whether short or long....they are all different.
Return to the lodge for dinner and a well deserved rest.

Day 2 : Morning Game Safari & Homeward Drive to Kampala
An early morning breakfast and its off for a the early morning game drive across the savannah, along Lake Albert Delta, abundant wildlife as you move slowly as the sun rises. It’s your scheduled game drive
Murchison Falls National Park Two (2) Day Short Wildlife Safari Tour - uganda
with a Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) ranger. Welcome to Africa. What you are sensing and feeling, seeing around you cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, this is Murchison Falls with its birds, Lions, elephants, hippos, buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes, humorous appearing warthogs, this is Africa and you are on safari in the heart of it.
After the game drive, we cross the Nile by ferry then hen it is off to Masindi, a stop at the top of falls, just in case you had skipped it in the first place, - a most awesome sight and experience. Lunch at the oldest hotel in Uganda, the Masindi Hotel and then back on the road for a late afternoon arrival in Kampala. Two days at Murchison Falls National Park come